Hatch Chile season is officially here at Amigos! The fiery flavor you've been waiting for all summer has arrived and we've got everything you need to go with it. Get ready to deepen your addiction to the Southwest’s most coveted pepper because this year, we brought the heat—and how-to's on how to handle it.

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recipe_chile_01 History of Hatch

Did you know that the 'Hatch Chile' is not a variety of pepper? It's actually just a term to describe several different varieties grown in Hatch, New Mexico. Hatch has become the chile capital, known for producing chile peppers with unique, zesty flavor. These Hatch Chiles are so appetizing that they have cultivated a fan following each summer. 

Fun fact: Many people think that the red Hatch Chiles and green Hatch Chiles are different types of peppers, when in fact, they come from the same plant, just picked at different times. The red Hatch chile pepper is simply more ripe than the green chile.


This chile pepper has cultivated quite the following due to its unique, fiery flavor and short season. Easy to cook with, we like to think Hatch Chile goes with everything. Spice up your life this summer with authentic green chile recipes that are sure to be a winner amongst all. 

How do you Hatch? Keep reading for more inspiration!

recipe_chile_01 Pick, Roast & Prep Hatch Chiles

Join in on the Hatch Chile obsession this summer with our foolproof instructions on hacking Hatch Chile season.  Picking, roasting and prepping your Hatch Chiles can be easy! We've got a checklist on how to pick the perfect chile peppers as well as step-by-step instructions on how to roast and prep them for your delicious recipe of choice. Don't miss out on the fresh, fiery flavor we all know and love!


Are Hatch Chiles new territory for you? Don't worry - we've all been there. Click here for everything you need to know about the renowned Hatch Chile peppers and how to prep your peppers for greatness. You won't regret it! 

recipe_chile_01 In The Kitchen with Hatch

Full of delicious flavor and easy to cook with, Hatch Chiles are the perfect addition to any recipe if you're looking to add a little bit of spice. Liven up your plate with our irresistible recipes such as this Hatch Chile Queso or even this Hatch Chile Relleno Casserole. There’s no wrong way to use a Hatch Chile! 

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Spice up a breakfast classic by adding Hatch Chiles like in these Hatch Chile Breakfast Burritos or even in a drink like this Hatch Chile Margarita. We've got a Hatch Chile recipe for it all! Take the heat to the next level and indulge in the bold taste Hatch Chiles have to offer. For more Hatch Chile recipe inspiration, check out our Pinterest board or our recipe box.

recipe_chile_01Preserve The Fiery Flavor All Year

If you love the fiery flavor of Hatch Chiles as much as we do, you don't want the season to be over! But don't worry, Hatch Chiles don't have to disappear after the season is over. We've got tips and instructions on preserving the Southwest's favorite pepper for spice year round here


Preserving your Hatch Chiles only takes two easy steps and is sure to keep your freezer full of zesty Hatch flavor all year long. Don't wait for the next season to come around, enjoy it all the time! We've broken down the basics on how to pick, roast, prep, and freeze these fiery peppers.


recipe_chile_01 More Hatch (P)inspiration

Click here to view all of our delectable Hatch Chile recipes and get more Hatch inspiration on our Pinterest board!

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